Saul Roth is living proof that experience matters. He is a resourceful, dedicated, and accomplished law enforcement professional with over 37 years of experience as a first responder and follow-up investigator. Saul has 22 years of experience in the Nassau County Police Department and 10 years of law enforcement in the NYC Department of Corrections, the NYC Transit Police Department, and the NYC Police Department. He also served 26 years in military service: active duty, reserves and National Guard.

Saul Roth’s exceptional interpersonal skills make him quickly able to establish rapport with people from diverse backgrounds on all professional levels.


The Crime of Sexual Assault – Saul Roth

Image Credit: PixabayBy Saul Roth The different ways people react to sexual violence can be understood through a common framework. The responses do not always fit into one category, but each person's experience with this type of trauma will show certain patterns that...

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Domestic Terrorism in America Today – Saul Roth

Image Credit: PixabayBy Saul Roth Homegrown terrorism is a form of attack that occurs within one's own country. It typically targets people who share the same citizenship as its victims, and there are many different definitions on what exactly terrorism should look...

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What is Police Corruption? – Saul Roth

Image Credit: PixabayBy Saul Roth Police corruption is a serious issue that impacts the community and officer's credibility. If not dealt with effectively, it can lead to more complex issues such as human rights violations. Solicitation or acceptance of a bribe in...

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How is Domestic Battery Defined? – Saul Roth

Image Credit: PixabayBy Saul Roth In short, any touching that's not welcome will be considered domestic battery. This can include touches against your partner in an intimate manner such as grabbing them by the arm or punch for example - regardless if it is...

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Social Media and Its Impact on Crime – Saul Roth

Image Credit: PixabayBy Saul Roth With the rise of social media, people now form their opinions about crime from what they see and read on these platforms. In a world where we are all connected through our phones or computers - whether at home with family during...

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Substance Abuse and Crime – Saul Roth

Image Credit: PixabayBy Saul Roth Mental illness, substance abuse and even violence can be linked to a person's SUDs. People who have an addiction will often do anything for their drugs or alcohol including putting themselves in danger. That can lead them into having...

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