Saul Roth is living proof that experience matters. He is a resourceful, dedicated, and accomplished law enforcement professional with over 37 years of experience as a first responder and follow-up investigator. Saul has 22 years of experience in the Nassau County Police Department and 10 years of law enforcement in the NYC Department of Corrections, the NYC Transit Police Department, and the NYC Police Department. He also served 26 years in military service: active duty, reserves and National Guard.

Saul Roth’s exceptional interpersonal skills make him quickly able to establish rapport with people from diverse backgrounds on all professional levels.


Organized Crime in America – Saul Roth

Image Credit: SaulRoth.netBy Saul Roth Organized crime in America refers to criminal organizations and activities that are coordinated and planned by individuals or groups. These activities can include drug trafficking, extortion, money laundering, and racketeering....

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The Fentanyl Crisis – Saul Roth

Image Credit: SaulRoth.netBy Saul Roth The Fentanyl crisis in the United States is a growing public health emergency that has affected thousands of individuals and communities across the country. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is up to 50 times more potent than...

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The Crime of Human Trafficking – Saul Roth

Image Credit: SaulRoth.netBy Saul Roth Human trafficking is a grave crime that affects millions of people worldwide. The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 21 million victims of forced labor and human trafficking globally. It is a form of...

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Prison Systems Around the World – Saul Roth

Image Credit: SaulRoth.netBy Saul Roth The prison system is a critical component of every country's criminal justice system, with the primary goal of detaining individuals who have been convicted of crimes and rehabilitating them so that they can be reintegrated into...

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Technology and Crime Prevention – Saul Roth

Image Credit: PixabayBy Saul Roth Technology has played a significant role in crime prevention in recent years. From surveillance cameras and GPS tracking to facial recognition software and biometric identification, the use of technology has helped law enforcement...

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The Crime of Embezzlement – Saul Roth

Image Credit: PixabayBy Saul Roth Embezzlement is a crime that involves the theft or misappropriation of funds that have been entrusted to an individual. It is a type of white collar crime that is often committed by individuals who are in positions of trust, such as...

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