Ghost Guns Are the Weapon of Choice for Those Who Want to Avoid Detection - Saul Roth

Image Credit: Pixabay

By Saul Roth

Ghost gun kits, which can be purchased on popular platforms like Amazon and Ebay without requiring any background check due to a legal loophole in current law has made it easier than ever before for anyone with minimal skills (and maybe even no technical knowledge) to build their own untraceable firearm at home – so long as they’re willing put some time into figuring out how things go together.

The use of ghost guns is becoming more and more popular, but it’s not without its risks. The proliferation in this industry was addressed by administrative action from the ATF with revised guidance clarifying that unfinished receivers which only require final steps before they can be used as firearms meet the statutory definition of “firearm” subjecting them to all same legal requirements as finished products making these devices just like any other gun made out metal or plastic except for one major difference- there are no serial numbers!

The Department of Justice has proposed a new federal rule that would require people who want to buy homemade gun kits from online retailers like Amazon and Ebay pass background checks. The makers must also add serial numbers onto the parts they sell so law enforcement can track them down if necessary.

The US Department likely wants these rules finalized before summertime when schools start back up because there’s always an increased risk for kids getting their hands on firearms without supervision.

Legal ghost gun kits mostly feature pistols. They must be put together before use, though the task doesn’t require sophisticated tools or skill and can easily done with a hand-drill in steady hands.

The legal manufacture of homemade weapons has become increasingly popular because they are so easy to produce without any formal training; this includes both semi automatic rifles (which would have been difficult for most people who tried their best straw purchase attempt) but also shotguns which may come preinstalled on some lower receivers designed specifically as complete units that simply need plastic tabs shave off , several holes drilled – all steps.

Gun control advocates are up in arms about the availability of YouTube videos that show how to build your own gun. This is despite knowing for years now, since 2013 when they were first banned from being uploaded or posted on this site due its harmful effects towards others who may be considering doing something like this without understanding what’s involved.