Notorious Serial Killers - Jeffrey Dahmer - Saul Roth

Image Credit: Wikimedia

By Saul Roth

The Milwaukee Cannibal is one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Between 1978 and 1991, he committed seventeen different murders including eleven male victims who were all butchered in various ways.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes were some of the most shocking in history. He admitted to eating parts of all but one, which was enough for him to feel satisfied at times during his spree killing days. He would often preserve bodies by cooking up what remained after death with acid.

Jeffrey Dahmer, the man who murdered 17 men and boys in Milwaukee between 1978- 1991 was found legally sane at his trial. He had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), schizotypal PD[7], as well as a psychotic condition known officially by the diagnose code collectively called “psychoticism”. Although these diagnoses sound scary they don’t mean Jeffrey lost touch socially or became anti-social; rather, their impact on behavior is more subtle than direct but can still be seen through interactions such how he behaved within relationships which were often unstable.

Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of fifteen murders and sentenced to fifteen terms life imprisonment. He later became eligible for release on December 22, 2001 when he committed an additional homicide in Ohio.

When 34-year old Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death by another inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin on November 28th 1994; no one could have predicted how shocking this story would become.

Some sources report that Dahmer’s parents were neglectful, but other reports indicate he had always been doted on by both of his caregivers.

Dahmer’s love for dead animals started early. At the age of four, he saw his dad removing bones from under their house and this would have an important impact on his future behavior that was to come in Dahmers life.

Dahmer had been seen by fellow students as an outcast since his freshman year in high school. He drank beer and hard alcohol in daylight hours, often concealing it inside the jacket he wore to school.

On the night of July 22, 1991 three men were approached by Dahmer with an offer to join him for beer and companionship. The stranger offered them $100 in return; it would be easy money if they could just keep quiet while he took some photos of them at his home. When the men arrived at Dahmer’s apartment, they were greeted by an unpleasant odor and boxes of hydrochloric acid on floor.

When Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested on July 25, 1991 for the murder of 17-year old Steven Hicks (a crime that would later be linked to him through evidence found at one other killing site), few people could have predicted what his future held. Less than two months after being taken into custody by police in Milwaukee, they discovered bones and body parts belonging not only to this victim, but also two more individuals whose identities are still unknown; however all three cases were eventually connected under suspicion due largely because each had similar traits.