The Stressful Lives of Police Officers - Saul Roth

Image Credit: Pixabay

By Saul Roth

When people join the police force, they know that there are certain stresses involved. There’s nothing like being in an active shooter or bomb situation and having to react quickly with your partner; but even those jobs pale in comparison to what officers must deal everyday on their beats.

The best men/women who take on such jobs understand they’re doing more than just working hard – It’s their duty.

Most people find that the job changes them in some way. They may change their outlook on life, or how they interact with others and even affect those around them who are not law enforcement officers.

Police officers have to be prepared for anything, and that calls for carrying a gun. Police departments across America are at war with those who would do them harm. They put their lives on the line every day so that others can sleep safe each night.

The job of a cop is not only to protect and serve, but also to be held accountable. The standards they must meet both on-duty as well off can vary. Cops take this responsibility very seriously because one wrong move could have serious consequences.

The police are never called when everything’s going well. They show up when serious crimes are happening. When an officer is on the clock, they have to be professional at all times. In the course of their jobs, police officers see things that would make any person angry or sad.

As a police officer, you are constantly under scrutiny. They never know when someone might be watching their every move and reporting back to higher-ups about how effective they think that law enforcer is.

Yet despite those constant eyes on them, they must continue forward.

Cops have a tough job, and they’re often stressed out. So if you see your cop friend acting distant or not listening to what’s going on around them, there are reasons for that.