Traits That Can Lead to the Development of Future Serial Killers - Saul Roth

Image Credit: Pixabay

By Saul Roth

The signs of an antisocial personality may be present in children as early as 7 years old. These people have trouble understanding others’ feelings and showing empathy, which can make them seem cold-hearted to those around him or her.

If you notice that your child has changed from being extremely social to anti-social, it may be a sign of developing psychopathy. However not all children who develop slowly will become serial killers. There are different levels with these personality disorders and some can get worse over time while others stay relatively stable.

Children who torture or kill small animals without showing remorse, are highly likely to be sociopaths. Serial killers often have a history of this type of behavior.

It is no secret that many serial killers come from families with criminal or psychiatric histories. These individuals often have terrible relationships at home.

Serial killers are not only accomplished criminals, but also prone to addiction. Many serial killer’s struggles with drugs and alcohol abuse is a well documented fact in psychology literature today as it has been throughout history.

Many serial killers have higher than average intelligence. They often struggle to maintain employment and find work where skill isn’t needed or desired, such as being an unskilful laborer with little education.

When an individual has killed three or more people who were previously unknown to them, with a ‘cooling off’ period between each murder it can be considered serial killing.

There is typically no relationship between the offender and their victims, which means that these types of crimes happen for reasons other than personal.

It has been found that certain levels or types of criminals have altered functions when it comes their brains’ ability process information – a finding which suggests there may be something distinctive about how they learn and remember things, even if not necessarily more intelligent than others.

Serial killers are often suffering from childhood trauma which leads them down the path of serial murder. The most commonly reported type, abuse and abandonment by parents or other key figures in their life has been shown to drastically increase one’s chances of becoming a serial killer.