Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, accused of assaulting a transit police officer, was “set up” to keep him from waging war on mismanagement of the subway system, his wife, Lisa Sliwa, charged yesterday.

Sliwa, 30, founder of the self-styled crime-fighting group, was arrested Sunday after he and nine fellow Angels lay on the tracks in the Times Square station to protest the state of the city subways.

A Transit Authority police spokesman said Officer Saul Roth, 24, cut his right hand and jammed his thumb trying to get Sliwa upright on the tracks.

“Every time he (Roth) tried to get him upright, Sliwa pilled away and twisted,” spokseman Ed Silverfarb said.

All the Angels were charged with criminal trepass and reckless endangerment, both misdemeanors. Seven of them, including Sliwa, also were charged with resisting arrest and obstructin governmental administration.

Sliwa was also booked for felony assault, but Mrs. Sliwa said the charge was “obviously a setup.” “His arms were stretched behind his back. He was handcuffed and being carried. There’s no way he could have hurt anybody…” she added.


Originally published April 1984